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I’m honored to invite you to attend 18th SCSEPF annual conference held in Shaanxi Normal University on 11 October, 2019. The theme of this meeting is “Sports Science in Elite and Mass Sport”. SCSEPF is a non-profit Chinese academic organization dedicated to promoting the sports physiology and physical fitness of Chinese people. SCSEPF was set up in 2002 and the major goals are to bring scholars in exercise physiology and fitness in different Chinese societies and the world together to promote and support the study, practice, teaching, research and development of the exercise physiology and fitness, and also the growth and application of the quality research of exercise physiology and fitness among Chinese scholars in athletic training, health promotion, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. SCSEPF is undergoing continuous development and the annual conference is considered to be a good opportunity for members to explore current developments of exercise physiology and fitness in the world. It also provides a platform for scholars worldwide to exchange cutting edge research findings and trends. Hereby, we sincerely to invite you to attend the 18th annual meeting of SCSEPF, and looking forward to meeting you in the ancient capital of Xi’an in October this year.
Frank Fu Hoo Kin SCSEPF President, Professor Emeritus and former Associate Vice President of HKBU
Organizing committee invitation letter

      Shaanxi Normal University will be honored to host the 18th SCSEPF conference. The conference will be held at the Chang'an campus of Shaanxi Normal University, Xi 'an, from 11 to 13October, 2019.

      As the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Xi’an has a long history and beautiful culture. Xi’an is located in the middle of the Guan zhong plain, with the Wei river in the north and Qin Mountain in the south. Xi’an was nominated as the "world famous historical city" by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1981. Xi’an is the birthplace of China and Chinese civilization. Thirteen dynasties, such as Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han and Tang placed their capitals here. The Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Daming Palace National Heritage Park in Chang 'an city of Tang dynasty, The Site of Weiyang Palace in Chang'an City of Western Han Dynasty and Xingjiao Temple Tower are listed in the World Heritage List.

      Shaanxi Normal University is located in the world's four big ancient capital of Xi’an, one of the famous historical and cultural city, and is the world first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education, national "211 Project" key construction university, national teacher education "985" engineering advantage discipline innovation platform construction of colleges and universities, is the national training institutions of higher learning, secondary school teachers and education management and the important base of other senior talents. Over the past more than 70 years since its founding, the university has been adhering to the fine tradition of "cultivating virtue, accumulating knowledge, inspiring spirit and striving for success". The school covers an area of 2, 800 mu and has two campuses, Chang'an and Yanta campus. Yanta is simple and beautiful, while Chang 'an campus is modern and open, The Chang’an campus has been built as the main campus.

      SCSEPF is a non-profit professional organization, aiming at providing an international platform for scholars to exchange research findings and experience. It offers a valuable opportunity for Chinese researchers to exchange the forefront findings and trends and helps them make better contribution to the course of sport. By attending the conference scholars can not only broaden their horizons, but also have a good understanding of the current developments of exercise physiology and fitness in other parts of the world.

      There are100 faculty and staff, and more than 1000 undergraduate, master and doctoral students in the school of physical education of Shaanxi Normal University. We sincerely welcome experts, scholars, teachers and students from all over the world in the field of exercise physiology, physical fitness and sports to come to our school. We will provide all the supports to ensure the conference.

      We are honored to invite exercise physiology and fitness scholars from all over the world to attend this conference in the ancient capital of Xi’an. Your coming will make this conference more splendid. I sincerely hope to meet you at annual meeting!

Prof. You Xuqun Chairman of the organization committee, President of Shaanxi Normal University
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