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Submission guidelines

    ■Abstract submission deadline: 31 May, 2019. Papers will not be included if they were not registered before 11:30 PM,10 September, 2019.

    ■Acceptance notice:Acceptance will be notified by 10 August, 2019. Please indicate your preference of oral or poster presentation for your abstract.

Abstract requirement:

    Authors should be responsible for their own work to ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the content of the paper(s). The paper(s) should not be published before, and the authors need to make sure that their research has no academic misconduct.

    The abstract can be written in Chinese or English, and it should be sent as Word document.

Abstract format:

    ■ Paper title: bold, 14 pound font, centered.

    ■ Author's name: 12 pound font, regular script, centered, each author separated by comma.

    ■ Author's affiliations: listed affiliation, city name, zip code; 10.5 pound font, Song style, centered. Place commas between affiliation and city name, and space between city and the zip code. For more than one author, please use superscript.

    ■ Text: 600-1000 words (including charts). Text should be accurate, concise, and smooth in a systemic abstract which should include purpose, method, results, and conclusions. The abstract needs to meet the format with 10.5 pound font, Song style, justified on both sides and 1.5-times raw spaces.

    ■ Key words: 3 – 5 key words below the abstract.

    ■ Only electronic collection of abstracts will be offered to the participants and no other kinds of proceedings are available. Please submit the abstract in strict accordance with the requirements of the guidelines.

    ■ Excellent papers will be selected and the full text manuscript during submissionis requested for this selection process.

    ■ Authors registered as students must provide their student ID cards for verification.

    ■ For any further information, please pay attention to the second announcement of the organization committee.

    ■ All accepted abstracts will be published in the “Abstract collection of the 18th annual meeting of The Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness”. The selected excellent papers will be submitted to the Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness, an international academic Journal of the association.

    ■ The languages of the conference are Chinese and English, while English is encouraged for the presentation.

Contribute way

Please email to or

The name, gender, email address, telephone number, address and work unit of the contributor are attached in the mail


■ Academic awards: First prize of excellent presentation (5 winners);Second prize of excellent presentation (10 winners).

Important time

■ Submission abstract deadline: 11:30 PM,31May, 2019

■ Date of acceptance notice: 10August, 2019

■ Registration deadline: 11:30 PM, 10September, 2019

Registration fee

■ For teachers and researchers: 150 U.S. dollars or 950 RMB (according to the update exchange rate).

■ For full-time students: 80 U.S. dollars or 600 RMB with student ID (according to the update exchange rate).

Other information

■ According to regulation of China, the host will not provide pick-up and delivery service. Please make your plans in advance.

■ Accommodation will be coordinated by the organization committee. All the costs of accommodation and transportation will be at your own expense.

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